Rigged Promotions is an electronic music promotion and services agency based in Paris, France. With worldwide coverage for electronic music artists, DJs, radios, vinyl shops, paper and internet press, our approach is to offer a complete integration to a label’s or an artist platform and universe, and enable the labels to buy services – including vinyl cut & pressings – at an optimal level of quality and price. The concept is simple: the services we offer are fully customizable and integrable. We simply Rig Up to your platform, website, identity and drill for the entire extra value you need. We choose every label and artist we work with, on both sides of promotion, and take pride in the excellence of our services and the aesthetics of the music we defend.

We are able to install our promotional systems on your website, send out fully customizable emails to our mailing list, give you instant visibility on feedbacks, and offer different profiles of PR to achieve strong broadcastings and visibility. Therefore, you remain the owner of image, design, branding – not the Promotion Agency. All we offer is the quality of our services and our targeted – and extremely relevant – network and mailing lists.

The partnerships we have established with the different Vinyl Pressing Plants, Distributors, and Mastering Studios etc. allow us to get you the right offer at the right price – rigged to your type of music and identity.